‘The Forty Rules Of Love’ By Elif Shafak Will Melt Your Heart And Take Your Breath Away

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Recently I came across this book by Elif Shafak, the famous writer of Turkey. In fact, the book reached my hands and I would say that the book was seeking me. Every book reaches the right reader, come what may.

This book is a story of the famous Sufi Poet, Rumi and the his teacher Shams. The book tells about the bond both Rumi and Shams share, which borders on infatuation. In fact, they say their relationship is friendship.

So, Shams was a raw man and had no airs about him while Rumi was a sophisticated and refined man. Shams brought Rumi close to poverty, dirt and other things which he wanted Rumi to embrace.

The novels consists of the polar opposite personalities of Rumi and Shams, yet they were damn close to each other.

The novel tells how Rumi was converted into a poet after coming in touch with Shams, while earlier he was just a preacher and a teacher. In the novel, Rumi said that Shams was the other side of his personality.

While Rumi was polished, Shams was wild. Rumi believed that a person should be both wild and refined at the same time, and they both completed each other.

A must read for those who love poetry, sufism and just anything about love.


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