This Martial Art Expert Taught A Lesson To 3 Men Who Attempted To Sexually Assault Her

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Crime against women in India cannot be stopped at any cost. In order to stop crime agianst them, a woman only has to defend herself. Self-defence is the need of the hour as women have to take their safety into their own hands. Well, recently an 18-year-old girl has became a example of this.

The girl named Priyanka Singha Roy taught a life long lesson to 3 men who attempted to sexually assault her. The incident took place when along with her younger sister she was on her way to a shop at Kamarpara, Sainthia municipality, in West Bengal.

Men made remarks at her and also blocked her path. One among them a allegedly held her hand. She has been learning martial arts from 10 months ago and she warned the men to back off, the police said on Tuesday. When these men didn’t listen her she beat them up.

“My daughter is a keen student of martial arts. The youths were not aware of her skills. My daughter initially asked them to restrain themselves, but they paid no heed and continued with their lewd behaviour. Then she beat them up.” mother of the girl told this to Hindustan Times.

Anirban Sen, a local resident said, “After hearing a commotion, we rushed to the area and found that the girl had put the three youths on the ground. She told us that she punished them for misbehaving with her. Her courage will inspire others in the area.”

The police caught the accused who were identified as Amit Sahani, Dip Mandal and Bhaskar Mandal. The girl has set an great example for everyone and she is true inspiration for all women.

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