Opt These 7 Summer Food Items To Get Relief From Intolerable Heat

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Summer has just hit the doors. Icecream, barf ka gola, chilled water, & all the happiness comes unbearable heat as well. In order to protect yourself from the hot weather, we all have to opt for few precautions and do some changes in our food routine.

Well, in between our work time & lifestyle problems ignore or often forget to eat fresh & seasonal food items. Right? Why am I insisting on eating seasonal produce? Because they are not only good in taste but they are also rich in vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients.

In this regard, today I have a list of summer foods which one can include in their diet to get relief from heat:

#1. Melon:


#2. Bottle Gourd:


#3. Salad:


#4. Aam Pana:


#5. Watermelon Juice:


#6. Mint water with lemon:


#7. Barley Water:


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