What Do Indian Brides & Grooms Do On Their First Night? Quora People Have Answer

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Hello! Quora is a vast platform where you will get every possible answer to your question. No matter, how weird your question is.

Similarly, someone asked on Quora- How do the Indian newly-weds spend their first night? And, someone has answered the question anonymously saying:


“Well I married my friend, but it was also arranged. I know, it is complex. We were pretty close to each other but we had not done that (you all know what). We were separated by more than 1000 kms due to our jobs at the time of marriage. We were pretty cool and relaxed up to the month of wedding but then things started moving at a frenetic pace and tension also started building up. Now coming to the first night I was quite tensed. The fact that I was so close to her added to the tension. I must not do something that disappoints her and diminish me in her eyes (we had and still have huge respect for each other). I was asked (during the arrangement phase) whether the ‘first night’ must be arranged in a good hotel or at her home. I preferred her home, thinking at least one of us will be in familiar territory.

After dinner we entered the bedroom together. It was decorated with flowers and milk and fruits were also kept. We were advised, that don’t get up early in the morning and rush out; wait till someone calls. Usually we used to be so talkative that there won’t be a silent moment between us but that night both of us were tongue tied. We sat on the bed. I smiled at her and she at me. Again silence. She broke the silence, ‘How is my house?’. I smiled and said something (I don’t remember), I put my arms around her, she leaned on me and I pulled her close to me. We were back to what we always were. Started chit chatting. She reminded me, we are supposed to drink the milk. We shared it, lied down into each others arms and kept talking and feeding fruits to each other playfully. This went on for sometime and I don’t know when we slept off in each others arms (both of us were damn exhausted). Suddenly I was jolted out of my sleep by her mother (my MIL) calling her name. It was already morning (sun was up). I woke her up and she went out of the room. Now what followed was both embarrassing and hilarious. I could have buried myself in the ground that day. Though it is a nice joke now

Her mom: Are you okay? Feeling alight? Any problems?

My wife : (with an innocent and perplexed face) Fine. Why are you asking?

Her mom: Well. ….. Hey you people didn’t even change into night dress?

Me : OMG (That is when I realised she was still in her silk saree and I am in my silk dhoti. She did remove some of her jewellry).

Moreover we didn’t even turn the lights off at night. Luckily there was nobody else at home. Everybody had slept at the Marriage Hall. Only her mom was there apart from us. We hurried to the bathroom and changed.

God knows what she might have thought? These guys have already done everything, so no need to try on the first night? Fortunately or unfortunately my wife didn’t understand anything, so she was cool. In fact I had to explain the whole situation to her (the next day).

And this my dear friends was what happened on the first night and that too between two good friends. That day we had to leave for some temples etc so had to wait couple of days to reach third base. Then she fell ill, so few more days for the home run.

In retrospect I could have initiated sex on the first night itself, but we were too tired, too excited and too busy talking. Even today (after more than two decades) we can’t keep quiet even for a minute if we are together.”


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