Flying Veils Are The Latest Trend And To Be Honest, It Looks Cool (Video)

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Wedding!! It’s the most important day for a couple who decide to spend their rest of the life together. For the special day, not only couples but the rest of the family decides to something unique so that the wedding becomes perfect.

From pre-wedding shoot, video, post-wedding video, color combination clothes, entry in a dhinchak way, grand theme sangeet to honeymoon location the latest trend that is being in the air is flying veils that are taking over China.


In a Facebook video posted by Shanghaiist, one can see there are clips of multiple weddings where the brides all dressed in white and the veil flies across the other end of the aisle and smoothly settle on the bride’s head.

Look at the video below:

The video on the social media has attracted the eyes of many people as it has over 2.5 million views and more than 39,000 reactions.

So, how you found it? Are you up for it. Do let us know in the comment section.

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