These Life Lessons We All Learn As Time Never Remains Constant

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It is said that there is no fixed or exact time for learning as well as there is no age for it. We daily while living our life learn something or the other. Heartbreaks, learning at an office, life lessons, & other facts and information is part of it. But, for me, the real learning is what you learn as time changes and passes by.

Time little-by-little, day-by-day, year-by-year is just passing on and with it, I have learned some really valuable things that I think are worth sharing with my readers. So, waiting for what, read out below:

#1. Facts are just opinions:


#2. Everything is temporary, though exception exists:


#3. Planning doesn’t end up with what you think:


#4. Enjoy moments, find joy in things:


#5. You will always your fear, though you run from it:


#6. Impossible to experience Everything:


#7. You cannot always make everyone happy:


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