A Man From Kolkata Keeps His Mother Body For 3 Years & The Reason Will Shock You

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The bond which a mother and son shares are impeccable. Mother’s love for her children is beyond infinity. She does all for her babies from protecting, caring and doing things which no one can do. But, at present time what comes in between their love is money which ruins everything.

Nowadays, we all hear news about how son or daughter or do injustice with their parents because of money. Today, I am going to tell you about the recent case from Kolkata where a man named Suvabrata Mazumder preserved his mother’s body for three years so that he can withdraw her pension using her thumb impression, as per News18.

Suvabrata mother Bina Mazumder was a retired FCI officer and she used to receive a monthly pension of Rs. 50,000. When his mother died, a leather technologist by profession was jobless taught of preserving his mother body. With proper chemicals, he kept it in a freezer at home.



When one of the local visited his home, he smelled a strong chemical and which is when the neighbors decided to inform the police. One among them said, “HIS SON TOLD US THAT HIS MOTHER’S BODY WAS KEPT AT A MORTUARY SINCE SHE DONATED SOME OF HER ORGANS FOR THE PURPOSE OF MEDICAL RESEARCH.”

Kolkata police interrogated Suvabrata’s father who knew about the body preserved in the house.

A senior police officer said, “We have detained her son and his father for questioning. This is a heinous crime. Initially, her son told us that he loved his mother so much that he didn’t want to part with her. Later, he changed his statement and said that he did this to get her pension as he was unemployed. There are so many contradictions in this matter and we are looking at why he kept her body for nearly three years.”

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