Traffic Policeman Tried To Harass A Girl & In Return She Taught Him A Life-Long Lesson

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We live in the 21st century where we are progressing day by day. Well, what’s the hurdle in this path? Our respected women are harassed both physically and mentally & it’s been increasing day-by-day. Who is responsible to protect women from all this abuse? Men on duty Right? But, what if they only turn into a beast? Daily, a majority of women deal with the harassment and nobody come forward to help them.


Well, when the people in charge of the law turned into harasser this girl from Rohtak taught him a lifelong lesson. The incident took place in Rohtak, Haryana when the girl and a traffic cop shared the same auto. The cop kept forcing her to share her phone number. The girl was heading back home from her karate classes so how can she not give back him an answer.

In return for his teasing, the girl kept on slapping him continuously. As per the police official, the traffic police officer has been suspended and the investigations are going on.

The girl bravery definitely sends out a strong message to all the girls & she is an inspiration too!!

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