These Marvel Quotes Will Remind You That You Too Are A Real-Life Superhero

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Marvel or DC? Whose fan are you? Since, the arrival of these films there has been two parties divided who either support Marvel or DC. Well, my personal favorite is Marvel. What about you?? I am charmed with Iron Man, Captain America….but it doesn’t mean I don’t like Hulk, Thor or others. These Marvel characters are just awesome.

These superheroes have caliber to shave the world from all the dark. Right? They have been charming people with their superpowers. Well, I have learnt a lot while watching these movies. Though, unlike them we don’t have suit, incredible powers and other things which let us to do superhero things but we still have bravery, strength and courage in our hearts which definitely reminds us of being a a real life superhero.

Today I have few of the quotes which will remind you about the same things:

#1. Agent Carter:

#2. Captain America:

#3. Stephen Strange:

#4. Thor:

#5. Peter Parker:

#6. Beta Ray Bill:

#7. Iron Man:

Do let me know which one is your favorite in the comment section?

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