Through Facebook Post, Renuka Shahane Boldly Speaks About 8 YO Asifa’s Rape & Murder

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Crime against women is very common and increasing day by day. Daily we can hear news of murder, rape, harassment against the women. From the last few days, the condition is going worst. Recently, a news that we all heard about a minor 8-year-old girl from Kathua, Jammu-Kashmir has shocked each of us and people are angry with this everywhere.

The minor girl was raped and murdered brutally and whatever happened has caused people to demand justice for her. Everywhere people are coming forward and raising their voice against what happened with the innocent. The latest one who has joined in is Renuka Shahane. Through her Facebook post, she has raised her voice.


“The religion of the victim or the religion of the rapist should never matter! It is of no consequence which political party the rapists are affiliated to. Rape is a crime against humanity. Period! No religion and no political party is greater than the ideals of humanity. Anybody who rapes is inhuman. Anybody who plans a rape does not deserve to live. Anyone who rapes a child should not be allowed to live. Anybody who plans to rape a child and anyone who helps in planning the rape or helps in destroying evidence or helps in keeping quiet about it for money ceases to be human.

Let us not cease to be humans by supporting any vile rapists whatever their political or religious affiliations. Let us not make a tamasha of rapes!!! Appalled that some human beings can actually support rapists!!! Shocked beyond belief!
RIP humanity!!!” , This is what she wrote.

Enough is enough!!! When all these crimes will stop against the women??


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