These Short Films & Documentaries Are Proof Of How The World Will Be Without Water

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When the Rainy season knocks down the door of earth & water is everywhere, many of us are irritated and get annoyed with the water everywhere. I like the smell of Barrish but not the water that stops me from going somewhere or that alters my daily routine.

I remember the incident of my life when once I was nagging about the falling rain in front of my friend. He told me just imagine that you woke up one day & there is no water anywhere. When I did, the imagination was scary. Do this by yourself & realize the value of water.

Water on earth is one of the most precious resources and as the with the passage of Time, the problem of shortage of water is also coming. We all need to understand the importance of water. Though as people are ignoring it I have compiled a list of 7 Short Films & Documentaries that will tell how will a World be like without Water.

#1. Paanipath:

#2. Ek Baalti Paani:

#3. Blue Gold: World Water Wars:

#4. Thirst:

#5. The Ritual:

#6. Last Call at the Oasis

#7. Before The Flood:

We all really need to understand to understand the conservation of water because if not then the correct time will swipe way from our hands and then there will be too late to correct everything.

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