This Tailor’s Son Proves Determination Is Everything By Grabbing Highest Ever Package In IIM-N

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No matter if you are born in the rich or poor family what important is your determination, hard work and lust to achieve your dreams. To become a successful person it is very important to have a positive approach to life and I think that’s what Kerala’s Justin Fernandez did in his life.

The 27-year-old whose father is a tailor in a campus placement at IIM-Nagpur grabbed the highest package of Rs19 lakh. With this profession, his father could barely meet both ends and family also used to find difficult to manage the household. Justin one of the aunt financed his studies till class 12th.



He told the TOI: My grandfather was a tailor and naturally, my father was drawn into the same business. But, readymade garments spelt doom for our family and several like us. Ration through PDS was our main source of food.

Justin finished his BTech from a government college with the help of scholarships and then worked with a software company for over 2 years and kept preparing for MBA alongside. In his second attempt, he got into IIM-Nagpur and then joined their MBA program.

And when the campus placement happened he grabbed the highest so far package to have been offered to any student at IIM-Nagpur.

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