On World Labour Day, Let’s Salute The Real Hardworkers And Their Indomitable Grit

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Yesterday I was going through the articles on the the world labour day and how the labourers have constructed the world with their grit, industry and determination. This is one thing we often miss – the physical labour that these labourers do day and night.

Nowadays, the situation is even grave. We can see the big organizations like Facebook, Whatsapp and Apple created by people, but we never see big parks, building complexes and infrastructure marvels created by labourers. Whatever infrastructure we see throughout the world is constructed by labourers, day in and day out.

So the labour day holds importance in our lives. It was decided on the labour day that the workday should be 8 hours. Otherwise labourers were working 12 hours a day before it was decided that workday should not be more than 8 hours.

Getting into the gist, do you know that labourers have the highest accident and death rates throughout the world! They die while constructing roads, stadiums and whatnot…and also they die pretty early.

Because they stay into physical labour and their food is low quality and less nutritious.


But what they have given to the world is just so amazing. All the palaces, the beautiful buildings, bridges, planes, ships and everything else that catches our attention, is given to us by labourers, who deserve our respect and applaud.

In fact, there are philosophies and ideas after rights and protection of labourers.


Like marxism and communism.

These ideas are pro poor and protect the rights of poor and downtrodden.

So, belated labour day. And sorry for posting one day late.


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