How Does It Feel To Go To Office On Fridays?

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Ok, well, friends I have worked in corporate sector for over 10 years and what I have learned during those 10 years is that Fridays were the most difficult and also, the most good days. Yes, the reasons being the impending and approaching weekend when you have lots of things in mind for this weekend!

So what happened that on Fridays the mood was really good as well as bad. Good because of the weekends fun and bad because you pull yourself to work and after the whole week, you seem to be in no mood.

But work is work and you have to do it anyway.

Let me tell you how my Fridays went.


I usually got up late on Fridays, somehow got ready and reached office late, yes, late as usual.

Then I reached office, took a coffee and chatted with my colleagues before I started work.

WORK!! Oh my god. But I had to do it, so with a heavy heart I started doing it, with a mission to complete it in the first half only. Because in the second half with the weekend coming closer, the work will be a big no-no.

And then, the drive back home on Fridays gets all the more better with the party at home awaited.

Fridays are Fridays, it’s like how you take it.


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