What Makes India The Most Amazing Country in The World?

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Yes, people say that India is the most amazing country in the world. Foreigners who visit India say India is one hell of a country and even 7 lifetimes are not enough to understand the beauty of the country. Indeed India is a continent in itself with 125 billion people making it truly unique through its diversity, richness and amazing culture. India is beautiful, India is fabulous, India is the future of the world – through its spiritual streak. Now let’s see what makes India truly unique.

The people – India is a unique mix of people where all the 6 races of the world come together. That’s why you can see Aryans, Mangolians, Causacians – all enriching the culture of India. But now, all the races have mixed up and there’s a pot pourri.


Festivals – India is a land of whole variety of festivals and we just need a small excuse to start celebrating. India is a land of colours and celebration, are you ready to celebrate?

Food – Now comes the most important part. Indians are foodie by nature, see how we gorge food on weddings and get-together. And how we constantly make plans to eat out, proving we are true foodies.


Dancing – Whether it’s marriage, celebration, birthday or what ever – we make sure we dance like anything. You start the music and we Indians are like thirkenge kadam, hoga man magan.

Culture and History – India has a rich culture and history, probably dating back to 6000 years. Now a country with a history of 6000 years has a whole lot to offer, right?

There are many more things that make India unique. The way we form relations with people around, the way we live our life and the way we stay happy in every situation, we Indians are unique in every sense.


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