My Memories Of Maharana Pratap and What I Admire The Most About Him

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I remember when I was around 7-8 or years old, I first heard about Maharana Pratap. And yes, that was in school on the day of Maharana Pratap Jayanti that the teacher first told about him. I exactly remember the teacher was telling “Maharana Pratap was the greatest ruler India had ever had and he was the only one Akbar The Great couldn’t defeat. He did not surrender till his last breath and made an army with the triabls – and army that ferociously fought with Akbar and sent it back. In the end, Akbar had no option except to praise the great Warriorship of Maharana Pratap.”

While growing up I was always curious about his tales of bravery and sacrifice. The school books were full of his bravado and war with Akbar. Udaipur and Chittor were the earlier capitals of Maharana Pratap dysnasty and the area is known as Meawr was never ruled by either the British Empire. The British tried very hard to bring the Mewars under control but no no avail.


So the Mewar remains the only dynasty not ruled by either the British or the Mughals.

This courage made me curious and I went to Mewar to know about the history of their clan. The people of Mewar region were extremely proud of their ancestry and there were numerous tales that tell about the their rich history.

When I was there, I visited their  museum and came across the war dress worn by Maharana Pratap. It was some 7 feet high and 4 feet wide, clearly showcasing the physical structure of Maharana. Then I got to visit their palaces and fortes, and I must say, I have not seen anything as grand and beautiful ever.


Indeed, the Mewar region is one of the most fabulous regions of India and witnesses a powerful history never seen before.

To understand Maharana Pratap better, one must visit Chittor and Udaipur in Rajasthan.

Happy Maharana Pratap Jayanti.


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